MacCallum reminds Swalwell of Clinton’s call for Biden not to concede under any circumstance in testy exchange

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U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell locked horns with Fox News host Martha MacCallum over election results and whether her network had “falsely” called the election for Democrat nominee Joe Biden.

The California Democrat debated President Donald Trump’s decision not to concede the 2020 election but to pursue legal actions on apparent voter fraud and corruption. Swalwell pushed back time and again as MacCallum held his feet to the fire on the behavior of Democrats “from day one” of Trump’s presidency.

“You know, it is worth remembering if everyone’s going to be honest on all sides here, that there was an effort to overturn the election that literally began before Election Day in 2016,” MacCallum told Swalwell on Fox News Monday.

“The president never got that from the other side. He never had that moment of grace period where there was hope that perhaps both sides come together after the 2016 election. What do you say about that now, looking back?” she asked.

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“That it’s false — what you just said was false,” Swalwell shot back, arguing that he had congratulated Trump on his 2016 victory and had even attended his inauguration. “I fought hard on the issues of corruption and the Russia investigation, but I called him president-elect as soon as you and the media called him president-elect.”

But MacCallum reminded the lawmaker that Democrats had taken part in a “relentless” effort to undermine the president even before he was sworn into office.

“It’s perfectly nice to say I sent a tweet and I showed up at the event,” she said. “But we all know that there was an effort to call this president illegitimate from day one.”

The Fox News host noted how failed 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton, had recently urged Biden to refuse to concede the election.

“She said under no circumstances should Joe Biden concede, and not give an inch,” MacCallum said. “That was her advice to him.”

“Donald Trump has won the state of denial,” Swalwell declared. “He can be in that room as long as he wants, Martha. but he needs to turn over the keys to Joe Biden so we can address this pandemic. And I would ask you, did your network falsely call Joe Biden the winner? Because you’re talking like someone…”

“You didn’t listen to what I said in the introduction,” MacCallum interjected.

“We have a President-Elect Joe Biden, and we have a President Trump who has not yet conceded because of the ongoing investigations. Both of those things are true. Both of those things are rightful courses of action that can be pursued at this point. It’s happened before in history, and there’s every reason to allow that process to happen,” MacCallum said.

Fox News came under fire by its fans for calling Arizona for Biden on Election Night and following up last week by joining other liberal media in prematurely declaring him the winner of the 2020 presidential election. The network hit a high of nearly 14 million total viewers on the night of the election but has since seen a marked drop after the way it has handled the results.

“Donald Trump won’t let Joe Biden set up a government,” Swalwell insisted as MacCallum pressed him on whether he would say the same thing if the tables were turned.

“If Donald Trump wants to go to court, he should go to court,” Swalwell replied as the Fox News host quipped that he did not want to answer the question.

“You’re not going to answer my question. I think we both know the answers,” she laughed and ended the segment.

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