Biden fractured his foot over the weekend and the media is already praising him for it

Joe Biden somehow managed to fracture bones in his foot while playing with his dog on Saturday. He apparently thought he’d just sprained his ankle and went to see a doctor Sunday to have it checked:

Biden was injured Saturday and visited an orthopedist at Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists in Newark, Del., for an examination Sunday afternoon, according to a pool report.

Earlier in the afternoon, doctors said they found “no obvious fracture,” but a follow-up CT scan confirmed hairline fractures of Biden’s “lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones, which are in the mid-foot,” according to a statement from his doctor, Kevin O’Connor.

“It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks,” O’Connor was quoted as saying.

These kind of things happen to everyone once in a while but the media has already found ways to praise Biden. The Washington Post Chris Cillizza compared it to Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis:

Within two hours, there was a statement from Dr. Kevin O’Connor noting that Biden’s foot had been X-rayed and it appeared as though he had a sprain. A CT scan was going to be conducted just to confirm the diagnosis, however.

Then, 90 minutes after that, came this, again from O’Connor…

The point is this: Transparency in matters of health and, well, everything else, is fundamental to a functioning democracy. And we have had the opposite of that for these last four years.

Turning Biden stumbling over his dog into a sign that normalcy has returned to America is a bit of a stretch but there you go. And that’s still not as embarrassing as this Slate story headlined “Biden Breaks Foot Engaging in Tried-and-True Expression of Presidential Vigor.

President-elect Joe Biden suffered a hairline fracture of his foot Saturday while engaging in one of the most presidential acts of performative vigor: playing around with his dog. The 78-year-old apparently slipped and twisted his ankle horsing around with the family German shepherd, Major, during the post-Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

I guess playing with your dog is a presidential tradition but probably if Biden wasn’t 78-years-old he wouldn’t have sprained his ankle and and fractured his foot doing it. I mean, isn’t the point of “performative vigor” that you don’t hurt yourself in the process? It’s not really a sign of personal vigor to fall down and wind up in a walking boot.

My worry is that this incident really does turn out to be symbolic. It could symbolize how the left-leaning media is going to bend over backwards to praise Biden for every single thing he does in the next four years. If hurting yourself during your time off is grounds for praise, there’s probably not much he can do that won’t earn him kudos from the media.

Finally, there was video of Biden leaving the doctor’s office yesterday. And President Trump quote-tweeted it and wished him a quick recovery:

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